Please see below for information about our equipment.

C2 2-person Canadian canoe

C3 3-person Canadian canoe

Linder 525, 3-person Canadian canoe; designed for 3 adult paddlers
Length 525 cm
Weight 38 kg
Max load 400 kg

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K1 1-person Kayak

Kayak K1 Hasle Excursion 500 and 520

K2 2-person kayak

Flytvast Life jackets

From 30 kg up to 70 + Kanuk and Baltic
Lifeguard jackets in children’s sizes 3-15 kg, 15-30 kg, adults from 30 to 80 kg+
Life jackets are mandatory and always included in the rent.

Hundflytvast XL Dog life jackets

S and XL
Limited quantity

Equipment package

Tent, portable stove with LPG, sleeping mat, packing bag, 10-litre water can and toilet paper.

Talt Tents

3-person tent, Frisport Yaranga Nordic 3P

Gasolkok Portable LPG stove

Trangia portable stove with LPG, intended for 2-3 persons
LPG is included in the rental price
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Liggunderlag Sleeping mat


Packpase Packing bag

The packing bag has a capacity of 35 litres and can be carried as a backpack.

Vattendunk Water can

10-litre water can be supplied with water

toaletpapper Toilet paper