General terms of rental

1 § Applicability:
The following shall apply unless otherwise agreed between the lessor and the lessee. The lessee’s payment also implies acceptance of the rental agreement with the associated rental terms.

2 § Delivery:
All rental equipment is supplied according to the quotation/booking confirmation or other agreement. The lessee shall be responsible for and pay for the return of all equipment.

3 § Complaints:
The lessor supplies the rental equipment in operational and tested condition, with safety devices where applicable. Any complaints about the supplied equipment must be notified without delay after receipt.

4 § Rental period:
The rental period is counted from the day and time when the rental equipment is delivered by the lessor, or kept available for collection, until the time when return is agreed.

5 § Rental calculation:
Rent according to the current price list in the quotation/order confirmation. The full cost of rental is payable at the time of booking. The cost is paid via bank giro/plus giro, Swish and/or credit card.

6 § Subletting:
The rental equipment may not be used by anyone other than the lessee without the lessor’s approval. The rental object is the property of the lessor and the lessee does not acquire ownership of the property due to this agreement.

7 § Supervision and care:
The rental equipment shall be well cared for by the lessee. On return, the rental equipment must be well cleaned and, with consideration for normal wear and tear, in good condition. If it has not been cleaned, the lessee will be charged for this.

8 § Damage and loss:
The lessee is responsible during the rental period for loss of the rental equipment as well as damage that cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear. Unreturned rental equipment is charged at the new acquisition value.

9 § Repairs:
Repairs may not be carried out without the lessor’s approval.

10 § Damage and interruptions:
The lessee is responsible for damage caused to him or a third party in connection with the use and placement of the rental equipment during the rental period. The lessor is not responsible for damage or costs resulting from interruptions in use or delay in the delivery of rental equipment.

11 § Payment terms:
Payment of rental costs is due at the time of booking according to the current price list in the quotation/booking confirmation or special agreement. The cost is paid via bank giro/plus giro, Swish and/or credit card.

12 § Cancellation:
Cancellations must be made no later than 7 days before the rental date. In the case of cancellation, a cancellation fee of SEK 200 is payable. In the event of cancellation later than 7 days before the booked rental, the cost of rental equipment and services will not be refunded. The lessor or lessee has the right to request cancellation of this agreement in the case of circumstances such as industrial disputes, war, decisions by authorities or any other situation not caused by the party that materially affects the fulfilment of the agreement and that the party could not foresee or the impact of which he could not reasonably set aside. If the lessor or lessee were to materially fail to enter into an obligation under this agreement, the other party would be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, but only after the party had been given the opportunity to rectify such a situation without delay.

13 § Right to compensation:
In the case that the lessee cancels the fulfilment of the agreement, the lessor is entitled to receive compensation for the costs incurred so far as a result of the concluded agreement; see 12 §.

18 § Dispute:
Disputes due to the rental shall be decided by a general court unless the parties agree on arbitration.

19 § Other terms:
No one may step ashore in a bird sanctuary. Consideration is given to the Right of Public Access. For large groups, the Right of Public Access does not apply in its entirety. Follow information about any fire prohibitions; see the regulations of the municipality concerned.
*Delivery takes place at 30-minute intervals, Fridays from 9 to 11 am and return until 5 pm. Later returns count as the following day, or by agreement.

20 § Liability:
The lessor is not liable for personal injury or damage incurred by the lessee during the rental period. Paddling is at your own risk.